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within the last three years that show 550 to $850 billion a year of what we spend in health-care costs does absolutely nothing to get somebody well and nothing to prevent them getting sick. anytime you have -- that is private and public sector spots. i would say we are missing something. if you stop for a minute and think, we buy health care in this country whether it is through the government or private sector totally different than we buy anything else. we make somebody else pay for it. unless you are one of the unfortunates the does not have coverage, so the recent, my opposition to the affordable care act is a third of the dollar's don't keep them from getting sick. we ought to ask the question why is it we have this inflation in health care and this waste in health care we don't have anywhere else? we are not allowing market forces to help. can't we create a system where the truly dependent have a safety net and yet we drive some of this 5 and $50 billion out of it? i think you can but we are not going to as long as we all think somebody else is paying the bill for my health care.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1